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We know the journey is particularly difficult at the moment. But alongside the latest travel tips and updates from COVID-19, we want to continue to inspire you with new travel ideas so you are ready when the world reopens.

Now more than ever, more and more trips are made at the last minute. With the global health crisis, the practice has become widespread in recent months. And airlines and tourism professionals play the game of flexibility so that the world finds its benefit. How to book at the last moment and find the best deals? Here are some tips for finding a cheap flight, destinations that won't break the bank and be protected in the event of a problem.

Keep in mind: If we dream of exploring the world again, we are still in a global health crisis. Before your next trip, please check local guidelines and follow applicable health and safety measures. Continue to wear your mask and wash your hands frequently wherever you are.

How to find a cheap last minute ticket?

We cannot repeat it enough, to go cheap, you must first compare. Between the flights of large companies and those of low cost companies, the price margin is substantial. Sure, the big companies include a number of services and more amenities, but do you really still need a suitcase in the hold or to have a meal? It all depends on the length of your stay and the place of destination. Here's how to find a cheap last minute flight.

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How to get a refund for my ticket in the event of cancellation due to COVID-19?

No worries here: the airline will have to reimburse you for your plane ticket if your flight is canceled due to COVID-19. Since May 13, 2020, the European Commission has authorized the company to offer you a credit note valid for 12 months. If you have not used it after this period, the credit note is refundable. You can also refuse the credit note to obtain a refund directly.

Where to go at the last minute for cheap?

Going at the last minute for cheap in a specific location

All you have to do is use the Skyscanner flight comparator. Choose the departure city, destination, date and number of people. You will then be able to compare the offers of the different companies in a few minutes and find a cheap last minute stay.

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Don't know where to go?

This is certainly the most economical solution. Indeed, Skyscanner offers you to choose again the place of departure, the date, the number of people and, for the destination, to use the search "everywhere" which appears when you click on the destination box.

With this option, you will be able to compare, not only the prices of the plane tickets of the different companies, but also to find the cheap last minute trip that suits you among many possibilities. Great for saving money and letting Skyscanner track down ideas for countries or cities abroad.

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Where to go at the last minute in Europe?

Here are some destinations that will appeal to you, whatever type of activity you want to do. We tested the comparison tool for you to find a last minute trip and give you concrete examples.

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Do you want to fly to Italy at the last minute on the cheap? We take you to (re) discover the “Eternal City” aka beautiful Rome. To you dolce vita, the sun, the cobbled streets, the Vatican, the museums, the Colosseum, the Forum and the (very) many churches of the splendid Italian capital. But Rome is also about gastronomy and the thousand and one restaurants where you can taste the delicious pastas, the real ones!

Your cheap flight to Rome

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Palma de Mallorca

Head for the sun for this cheap flight at the last minute. We stay in Spain but we cross a part of the Mediterranean to reach the beautiful island of Mallorca and its capital, which enjoy a pleasant climate all year round: count an average annual temperature of 17.9 ºC! If Mallorca is mainly known for its palm trees, beaches and other coves with transparent water, it is also endowed with many monuments which will tell its story in every stone. Do not miss the Cathedral, the Almudaina Palace, the market halls or the Plaza Mayor, to name a few.

Find a cheap flight to Palma de Mallorca

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Fancy a cheap last minute stay to alternate between drinks on the terrace and historical visits? Athens seems to be the right place for these activities. Make way for culture with the Acropolis, the Agora or the Panathenaic stadium before relaxing in the Gazi district, a former industrial area which hosts a multitude of trendy places in the Greek capital. If time permits, do not hesitate to reach the port of Piraeus to jump on the first boat, heading for neighboring islands like Kea or Aegina.

Your cheap flight to Athens

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Still looking for a cheap last minute flight? Why not just go to Venice? This charming town is very unique. A true open-air museum, the city of lovers will seduce you with its grand canal, Saint-Mark's Basilica and its Doge's Palace. And why not go as far as Murano to discover craftsmen and their works?

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What if you opted for Portugal as part of your cheap last-minute trip? This particularly welcoming city has become a must in Europe. You can have a drink on the banks of the Duoro river, visit the many churches and museums, stroll through the Lello bookstore and of course visit a cellar of delicious Port! No doubt you will love the atmosphere this city has to offer.

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Your cheap flight to Porto


Do you want to discover the splendor of Dubai? What if you were looking for a cheap flight at the last minute? Pack your bags and go admire the tallest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Go to the beach, shop in the heart of the Dubai Mall, visit the Dubai Aquarium or take a 4 × 4 safari, etc. In short, your cheap flight to Dubai will allow you to discover new horizons.

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Find a cheap flight to Dubrovnik and discover this must-see city in Croatia. A true city-monument classified on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Dubrovnik has been chosen by the directors of the famous Game of Thrones series as a backdrop for several seasons. The beauty of Dubrovnik is breathed in every corner of the alley with its Rector's or Sponzz's palaces, its Stradun, its Orlando column, its churches and its monasteries. Finally, your last-minute stay in the pearl of the Adriatic will be an opportunity to go and relax on its magnificent neighboring beaches and neighboring islands and to enjoy a pleasant climate.

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Book a cheap flight to Dubrovnik

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Please note that it is important to always check current directives with local governments before making your reservation.

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