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Here's an easy apple pie recipe, here shaped like a pancake for a rustic, relaxed feel, perfect for fall weekends, with a nutty-flavored dough using millet flour. You can obviously bake it in a pie pan if you want a more classic and sophisticated pie.

Please note, the millet flour used in this recipe is made from "normal" millet, not "brown" like the one you sometimes find in organic stores, which is much darker and has a much stronger scent.

You can obviously substitute millet flour with half-brown rice flour. In this case, use the following measures: 80 g of rice flour + 45 g of almond powder + 40 g of starch.

7800870831 la tarte aux pommes sans gluten facon galette - Gluten-free: the easy recipe for apple pie -
Gluten-free apple pie galette style
Credit: Clem gluten free for

3 tips:

1. For spread gluten-free dough easily, place it on a lightly floured sheet of baking paper, then place it on a sheet of cling film. This will prevent the rolling pin from sticking to the dough.

2. Use lemon juice on apples prevents air from oxidizing them; some varieties of apples oxidize faster than others. In this recipe, all the apple slices keep the same beautiful golden color.

3. Depending on the thickness of the patty, the cooking time ranges from 45 minutes to 1 hour. If the edges seem well cooked but the fruit is not yet completely, you just have to put aluminum foil on it: it prevents the dough from burning and retains the heat that cooks the apples.


– 85 g of millet flour
– 85 g of almond powder: 40 g for the dough + 45 g for the garnish
– 40 g of corn starch or potato starch
– 60 g of powdered cane sugar: 15 g for the dough + 45 g for the fruits
– 1 pinch of salt
– 2 eggs: 1 for the dough, 1 for the icing
– 90 g of cold soft butter
– 1 kg of beautiful mixed apples: here a "gala", "golden" and "red chief" mixture
– 1 lemon
– ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

7800870829 les ingredients pour la tarte aux pommes sans gluten - Gluten-free: the easy recipe for apple pie -
The ingredients for the gluten-free apple pie
Credit: Clem gluten free for


1. In the bowl of the blender, with the steel blade, mix together the dry ingredients: flour, almond powder (40 g), cornstarch, sugar and salt.

2. Add the cold butter cut into pieces and an egg. Mixer.

3. Place the gluten-free dough on cling film, form a disc, close and let the dough cool for 1 hour in the refrigerator.

4. Preheat the oven to 185 ° C.

5. Meanwhile, peel, remove the core and cut the apples into thin strips. Place them in a large bowl, sprinkle with lemon juice, sugar and cinnamon. Mix gently by hand or with a flexible spatula. Let it steep while rolling out the dough.

6. Place the cooled dough on a sheet of baking paper. Roll out with a rolling pin, forming a large circle.

7. In the center of the circle, leaving a 3 cm edge, place the rest of the almond powder and flatten with the back of a spoon.

8. Arrange the apple slices in a circle on the almond powder (be careful with the juice at the bottom of the salad bowl: do not put it, it will soak the pancake).

9. Close the edges of the pastry over the fruit.

10. Prepare the frosting: break the remaining egg into a bowl and beat lightly with a fork. Brush the edges of the pastry with the frosting using a brush.

11. Bake 45 minutes, turning the pie every 15 minutes so that the fruit browns evenly.

12. Let cool for 5 minutes and serve lukewarm.

7800870860 garnir le centre de la pate avec la poudre d amande et les pommes avant de refermer les bords sur les fruits - Gluten-free: the easy recipe for apple pie -
Garnish the center of the dough with the almond powder and the apples before closing the edges on the fruit
Credit: Clem gluten free for

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