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Myriam Boubram, originally from Saint-Michel-De-Rieufret (Gironde) is the first woman "best apprentice in France in welding". (© The Republican)

Native Saint-Michel-De-Rieufret (Gironde), Myriam Boubram is the first women named best apprentice of France in manual welding. She is 47 years old and received this title in 2019.

A great source of pride for this 47-year-old South Girondist, mother of a 14-year-old teenager, who has struggled alone from a young age. "I was a lost, younger child" she admits.

A pride for this woman who started from nothing

“It was my local mission counselor who got me training in welding at a time in my life when I didn't give a damn. I did the training and there, for the first time, I knew something was going on. "

Myriam BoubramFirst woman to become the best apprentice in France in manual welding

When she welds for the first time, this rebellious young girl becomes calm and peaceful. She, who had a chaotic school career with dyslexia to manage and North African origins, as she says, which have not always helped her is changing. Then begins to weld, hours and hours. Nothing stops him. Neither the critics, nor the omnipresent men in welding …

"The more they break me, the more I build myself"

"The more they break me, the more I build myself" declares the fighter. For years, it welds throughout France and on all types of materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium … With different techniques and its "style. "

In 2019, he was offered to take this manual welding competition. When she receives the results of these tests, the craftsman proofreads her mail three times: “And there, I replayed the film over and over. All this work. These efforts. This relentlessness. "

Tears at the edges of her eyes, she declares:

“You have to have character, character and a lot of patience. The roads are full of pitfalls for women. Maybe one day that will change. On the other hand, a woman will always be different and that is a strength because she has a mind of steel. I am one of those women and I am proud of it today. "

Myriam Boubramfirst woman best apprentice in France in welding

A trainer committed to youth

Since 2008, Myriam has become a welding trainer.

In turn today to raise young people in this profession where the possibilities of creation are endless, she even describes her profession as ’"Extraordinary". So today she recounts her journey to local mission of Cadillac to send young people the following message: "anything is possible" when you work tirelessly, even when you come from below and have no diploma.

Regarding his field, he is feminized and she is delighted because she thunders him: “Being a woman in these circles is a constant struggle. "