Fortunately, Sophie Lorain and Alexis Durand-Brault exist to furnish our spring television evenings. Really.

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Hugo Dumas

The famous designer couple filed the captivating crime series Robot portrait on Videotron’s Club illico two weeks ago. It’s excellent. And on Friday May 7, the Lorain – Durand-Brault tandem will unveil its poignant psychological thriller Get me out of me on the Bell Media Crave platform. It is of the strong caliber.

Sophie Lorain plays in this choral series on mental illness, her friend Alexis Durand-Brault directs the six one-hour episodes and the two co-authored the texts, in addition to producing the series with their ALSO box. No one will accuse them of not knowing what they are talking about here, right?

There is always a danger of falling into cliché and caricature when characters have nervous tics, illuminations or manic episodes. Cerebrum, by Richard Blaimert, avoided these pitfalls. Get me out of me too.

In our screens, this miniseries unfolds like a psychological suspense at HBO. The more the episodes progress, the more the characters expose their flaws and reveal secrets that make us see past events from a completely different angle.

And what does this series say, the title of which refers to a magnificent song by Daniel Bélanger, covered by Sally Folk? It’s a family story intertwined in a draining workplace. We follow Clara St-Amand (Sophie Lorain, never bad), a dedicated social worker, lonely and borderline obsessive. Clara works in a small special unit which supports the police “in the field”.

In the event of a major crisis, such as hallucinations or detachment from reality, it is Clara and her new colleague Gabriel Beauregard (Bruno Marcil) that the patrollers call in for reinforcement. Clara recently lost her former partner Myriam Melançon (Sandra Dumaresq), who, in the middle of a tough procedure, broke down and fell into psychosis. I can’t reveal more about Miriam without disclosing some punches.

Know that Miriam, even if we don’t see her for very long, was screwed into the heart of the story for a crucial reason. The psychiatrist attached to the special intervention unit, the Dre Justine Mathieu (Pascale Bussières), refused to treat Myriam the evening of her descent into hell. You will know the reasons later.

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Pascale Bussières performs the Dre Justine Mathieu in the series Get me out of me.

To complicate this already complex situation, Justine frequents the anesthesiologist Émile St-Amand (Émile Proulx-Cloutier), another secretive, who is also Clara’s little brother. Justine, Émile, Clara and Myriam all work in the same hospital and all know each other to varying degrees, say.

Then there is David Ducharme (excellent Vincent Leclerc), a mysterious man who lives with undiagnosed bipolar disorder. He meets Clara one night of hypomania and lands in the office of psychiatrist Justine. David and Justine will then forge a very special relationship, for lack of a better term. The consultation scenes between Pascale Bussières and Vincent Leclerc are amazingly accurate.

Danielle Proulx plays a very beautiful character of police boss. Its very Gucci look, very 70s, very jeweled, throws a lot of it.

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Danielle Proulx plays police boss Louie Courteau.

At a press meeting on Thursday, Alexis Durand-Brault revealed that the inspiration for this authoritarian and elegant woman had been none other than her own mother, who was a judge at the Youth Court for many years.

Along with the main plot, Get me out of me presents very concrete cases of people who have serious psychological problems, including an alcoholic accountant (Luc Sirois) and his depressed wife (Marie-Laurence Lévesque). Who is the sicker of the two? Difficult to determine.

You will recognize many faces ofHelp Beatrice in Get me out of me, whose visual invoice is just as neat. Émile Schneider (what a good actor), Martin-David Peters, Nathalie Doummar and Joanie Guérin also landed roles there.

Oh yes, let’s not forget Valérie Blais, who plays Suzie St-Amand, sister of Émile and Clara. Suzie is released from prison at the start of the series. Who reported her to the police? Look around.

Unusual fact, Get me out of me will be released on May 7 in French and in an English dubbed version under the title Way over me. Pascale Bussières and Vincent Leclerc, who have played a lot in English, are the only two actors to have dubbed themselves.

I know, the subject of this novelty sounds heavy. He is not. The series breathes, the light gives us golden reflections and your eyes will not refuse to see hands that brush without touching. Admit that you have the song in your head now. Admit.