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Mercedes-Benz is being sued for providing its vehicles with certain technological tools without the appropriate licenses. The manufacturer could be banned from selling certain vehicles in Germany. The German company had already lost a lawsuit in a similar case against Nokia.

Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler is at risk of a ban on the sale of a category of its vehicles in Germany, reports the trade weekly Automotive News. The manufacturer has indeed been disowned a second time in three weeks by the courts, on a technological patent case.

Daimler was attacked by the Japanese company Sharp for using some of its technologies without a license. A recent Munich court ruling authorized Sharp to ban the sale of Daimler vehicles fitted with its equipment.

The German manufacturer still has the possibility of appealing.

A precedent with Nokia

The lawsuit is part of a larger battle between Daimler and several tech companies, who want the automaker to obtain a license from a hub of patent owners.

The Finnish supplier Nokia had already sued Daimler and won on August 18 in a similar case. A sale ban had also been pronounced for the vehicles concerned and Daimler had decided to appeal.

After the court ruling, Nokia nevertheless had to pledge to post a guarantee of seven billion euros, should the injunction be dismissed on appeal, so that Daimler could claim damages. A much more modest guarantee of 5.5 million euros has also been requested from the Japanese Sharp by the Munich court.

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