Gastronomy: in Lyon, a chef at war against cube bouillon

"Juices, stocks, broths are the basis of everything!" Chef Joseph Viola, the best worker in France, at the head of the three Lyon stoppers Daniel and Denise, prepares them for hours in his kitchen. His recipe? Bones, meats, vegetables, aromatic herbs, spices … and a lot of patience, since they must be simmered and then reduced for long hours.

"In cookbooks, juices, bottoms and broths are always part of the recipes, and people, who rarely have them on hand, generally use industrial products in cubes," laments the chef. This is how he came up with the idea of ​​concocting, for amateur cooks, these tedious basic ingredients to make at home.

Cooking secrets

Poultry juice, veal stock, lamb juice, poultry broth, chicken juice are packaged in glass jars and sold (around 7 euros) in its restaurants, but also in its grocery-counter in Villeurbanne (Rhône) as well as on its website. Joseph Viola is also ready to reveal his secrets and manufacturing tips during the cooking lessons he gives behind his stoves.

"The lamb juice will give body and flavor to the roasted meats, the chef breathes, the chicken broth makes all the sauces successful, the poultry juice perfumes all the everyday preparations, such as vegetables, rice, pasta, soups. "

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