Galette des Rois: discover the recipe for the best frangipane from P.-O. – The Independent

For his award-winning galette des Rois and for 6 people, the artisan baker advises to take 1 egg per person (6 beautiful eggs). For the puff pastry, use approximately 80 gr of AOC butter preferably – a pledge of quality – and almonds then reduced to powder (as far as he is concerned, he brings them from Valence).

He uses 2/3 of skinless almonds (white) and 1/3 of almonds which he keeps on the skin "thus bringing a rather pleasant bitterness taste" he observed.

For the beans chosen this year, the owner of La Grigne fell in love with a series of mini porcelain figurines representing Catalan dancers joining hands for a ballada of sardanas.

The little extra: a few tears of rum and a light pastry cream, the composition of which he will not reveal. And also: drops of syrup flavored with vanilla and amaretto, a sweet alcoholic drink, with a slight bitter almond flavor, native to Italy. All suggested by a pastry friend.

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