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The Samsung Galaxy Book S, whose launch is postponed to in a few months, could finally swap its Snapdragon 8cx for an Intel Lakefield chip, the same as Microsoft will use on the intriguing Surface Neo.

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Samsung Galaxy Book S – Credit: Dr. Windows

What if Samsung bet Qualcomm to better tinker with Intel? This is the question that arises when reading an article published by the German site Dr. Windows. We learn that the announced postponement of the Samsung Galaxy Book S (unveiled in August and initially expected for October) is due to a change of processor. Samsung would swap Qualcomm and its Snapdragon 8cx, for an Intel Lakefield chip … the same that Microsoft chose to integrate in its Surface Neo, announced in early October in New York.

A last minute match between Intel and Samsung?

This crazy rumor, which has all the tangible information, comes from an announcement made by Intel following the annual conference of developers that Samsung held last week in San Jose (California). On site, both entities have introduced some new devices, notes Dr. Windows. A paired intervention, followed by the release of an Intel release mentioning the Galaxy Book S as being the first to ship its ultra low-consumption Lakefield CPU. If we believe this document, the next ultraportable Samsung (which should remind to allow autonomy of more than 20 hours) would therefore be equipped with a Lakefield chip before Microsoft's Surface Neo, expected for 2020.

This news, if it actually came to fruition, would explain the postponement of the Galaxy Book S to a date for the unspecified time. Asked about this by Dr. Windows, Samsung is indeed content to discuss an output in "a few months" for his device, without further details. This paradigm shift, however, would be a blow to the implementation of ARM platforms in the Windows world.

And for good reason, Lenovo, who was originally to launch his Yoga C630 under Snapdragon 850, finally opted for a low-power Intel CPU after strong pressure on the Chinese manufacturer by the American foundry. If Samsung decides to do the same by equipping its Galaxy Book S with a Lakefield chip, then only Microsoft Surface Pro X will be left to wear the ARM colors on Windows in the coming months. What leave skeptical about the future prospects of the platform on ultraportables …

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