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Samsung's Galaxy Book range expands with two new PCs: the Galaxy Book Flex and the Galaxy Ion. The first is a hybrid that can turn into a tablet, while the second is a more classic laptop. Both are the first in the market to have a Qled screen, designed by Samsung, theoretically providing an infinite contrast, a great respect for colors and a brightness of up to 600 nits.

The Galaxy Book Flex is a hybrid computer with a 13-inch or 15-inch touch screen with a 1920×1080 px resolution that swivels around its keyboard. It has a 10th-generation Intel Core processor (Ice Lake), 16GB of RAM, and a maximum of 1 TB MVMe SSD. For the graphics chipset, the user will have the choice between Intel HD or Intel Iris Plus, more powerful, but still modest. The 15-inch model can, meanwhile, get a graphics card Nvidia GeForce MX 250, a little better. The hybrid PC is designed for mobile workers or creatives, including its compatibility with SPen.

The Galaxy Ion is a more classic, non-hybrid computer, also featuring a Qled panel in Full HD of 13 or 15 inches. It has exactly the same configurations as the Flex, except that it does not offer an option with Intel Iris Plus. The 13-inch model wants to be on the ultra-mobility segment with its 13 mm thickness and its weight of 970 g. A product that could be interesting with its unique slab on the market.

Both computers will be sold in early 2020 at still unknown rates. Samsung no longer sells computers in Europe, with the exception of its Galaxy Book range. We can therefore hope to see these new models arrive on our territory.

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