From Lost to Dark, the 8 best time travel series

# 1. Doctor Who, the most retro

doctor feat - From Lost to Dark, the 8 best time travel series


Created in 1963 by Sydney Newman, C. E. Webber and Donald Wilson, Doctor Who is still a veritable institution in Britain today. Twenty-six years after her debut on BBC One, she pauses, then remembers the fond memories of fans in a TV movie in 1996, before finally coming back for good in 2005 under the guidance of screenwriter Russell T Davies. An exceptional longevity which makes it, to date, the longest science fiction series still broadcast. A record that even earned him, in 2006, to enter Guinness Book.

And if it seems immortal, it is because it has found the ultimate trick to cross the ages: its hero, the Doctor, is an alien who does not die. No, it regenerates and changes its head each time. Twelve actors and one actress – Jodie Whittaker, current incarnation of the Doctor – have succeeded each other in the shoes of this lord of time. Originally designed as an educational adventure program, Doctor Who From the outset, the whole family gathered in front of the station. Its hero, who travels in time and space, explores the past or the future, crossing all kinds of historical characters in his path, from Charles Dickens to Agatha Christie, passing by Adolf Hitler, Vincent van Gogh or Queen Victoria.

Time power: ⌛⌛⌛⌛⌛

Season 12 of Doctor Who is broadcast on

# 2. Dark, the most complex

dark - From Lost to Dark, the 8 best time travel series

Ⓒ Netflix

A series high concept and curvy, which is in a foreign language not always easy to access. Dark was a considerable risk for Netflix, which turned out to be more than profitable. The series by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese is a writing lesson, as complex as it is moving. At the heart of its mystery, we obviously find the rules of time travel, experienced here by the young Jonah. With a good dose of metaphysical concepts borrowed from Einstein and the spellbinding mantra "the beginning is the end, the end is the beginning", Dark yet manages to transport us back and forth in space and time.

However, from the first season, things get complicated quickly. With three time periods that mix and merge, the series becomes rather demanding for its viewers. Far from worrying about our brains, the creators even dared to raise the level in season 2 with the multiplication of timelines and characters (or more precisely, versions of certain characters). In Dark, time travel is symbolized by a cave, a sort of corridor or white rabbit hole opening towards an infinity of possibilities, an image that is both philosophical and childlike, which will remind some of the hours of exploration in the forest near their home. .

Time power:⌛⌛⌛⌛⌛

The first two seasons of Dark are available in full on Netflix.

# 3. Lost, the most cult

desmond min - From Lost to Dark, the 8 best time travel series


Time travel is an intrinsic notion of the mythology of Lost. Just in his writing, the cult series of JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof incorporates elements of narration that serve as leaps in time: flashbacks of course, but also the creation of flash-forward (the future) and then flashes -sideways (a vision of the afterlife) a little later. However, Jack and his companions only really took the plunge in season 4, when some of the survivors returned in the 1970s, immersed in the midst of the experiences of the DHARMA project.

As often in Lost, time travel is treated more in a sentimental, human way, than a real scientific reflection. For a divine reason, the island is able to move in time and space using a wheel anchored in its underground passages. It is, however, through the complexity of an equation that the series manages to move: the famous constant, embodied in the show by the overwhelming character of Desmond, which allows us to extricate ourselves from this excursion synonymous with death.

Time power: ⌛⌛⌛⌛⌛

The six seasons of Lost are available in full on Amazon Prime Video.

# 4. Legends of Tomorrow, the most WTF

legends - From Lost to Dark, the 8 best time travel series

Ⓒ The CW

The opposite of Greg Berlanti had already rubbed time travel, especially through The Flash and the original story of Eobard Thawne. But his spin-off Legends of Tomorrow plunged head first into it with its team of outsiders, whose mission is to explore periods of history to regulate temporal paradoxes and other anachronisms. Inevitably, showrunner Phil Klemmer and his writers do not seek realism in their series, but pure entertainment that does not take itself seriously.

The humor of Legends of Tomorrow is often to be taken in the fourth degree, with its kitsch special effects and its absurd but completely assumed intrigue. In five seasons, Sara and her companions have visited Tolkien, screwed up the Nazis, fought in the Wild West alongside Jonah Hex, or saved feudal Japan from an alien invasion. Aboard the Waverider, their spaceship, the Legends may not take into account any rule of time travel, but ensure the spectacle with giant fluff and Lance of Destiny.

The first four seasons of Legends of Tomorrow are available in full on Netflix.

# 5. Outlander, the most romantic

outlander - From Lost to Dark, the 8 best time travel series

Ⓒ Starz

Certainly, Outlander and Diana Gabaldon's novels are not fully dedicated to time travel, despite the presence of Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek) at the head of the series. However, the concept was present from the first episode of the adaptation, when Claire was transported to 18th century Scotland. And despite the centuries that separate her world from those of the rebels, she will find love there and even have the courage to rise up against the red tunics of the terrible Jonathan Randall.

The resolution of time travel in Outlander is never fully revealed, except that different stone circles (Craigh na Dun in Scotland, Ocracoke in North Carolina and the Abandawe Caves in Jamaica) allow this miracle. Later, we learn that Claire is not the only character capable of such a feat, and that time travel is also linked to the seasons. But despite the years that go by and sometimes separate our lovebird couple, their love always stands the test of time, making one of the most moving uses of the process on the small screen.

The first five seasons ofOutlander are available in full on Netflix.

# 6. 22.11.63, the most elegant

franco - From Lost to Dark, the 8 best time travel series

Ⓒ Hulu

22.11.63, from the adaptation of Stephen King’s eponymous novel, it’s a bit like a time traveler Heisenberg. After all, Professor Epping decides to do everything in his power to save President Kennedy after being diagnosed with incurable cancer. The mini-series produced by J. J. Abrams is a classic translation of temporal paradoxes and the eternal indecipherable question: can we really change our present or even the future by modifying the past?

The epic journey of the hero embodied by James Franco is actually a beautiful introspection on uncertainties. The more Jake advances in his mission, the more he realizes that the life he is building in the past suits him. He enters a poignant and very elegant rabbit hole, reinforced by the revolutionary frenzy of the 1960s. We also salute the class of the novelist, who preferred to say goodbye to Jake and Sadie when he could have continued their timeless relationship.

Time power: ⌛⌛⌛⌛

The 8 episodes of 22.11.63 are available in full on MyCanal.

# 7. Timeless, the cheapest

timeless - From Lost to Dark, the 8 best time travel series


Only the American networks could imagine a patriotic pitch, where a team of time cops goes through time to stop a terrorist group. Their goal: to erase the history of the United States, suspected of having been ruled by a powerful secret organization since the 18th century. Yet despite his two short seasons, Timeless had a certain charm in his naive and broke approach to time travel, even an intriguing remark on the American society of today and the propensity of his paranoid president to track down fake news daily.

Lucy, Rufus and Wyatt embarked on each episode aboard their time machine to stop the criminals. But with each leap in time, their actions inevitably brought about a temporal paradox and the definitive modification of the future. The series therefore raises questions of ethics vis-à-vis the famous adage of Machiavelli, but also of the opposition between fatalism and human freedom. The only problem is the very opaque and undefined rules of time travel delivered by the series, which was content above all to be a nice formatted entertainment.

The two seasons of Timeless are available in full on Netflix.

# 8. Quantum Code, the most realistic

codequantum - From Lost to Dark, the 8 best time travel series


Sci-fi series sprinkled with western, Quantum Code made his mark on the 1990 series. In the work of Donald P. Bellisario, Dr. Samuel Beckett developed a time accelerator capable of making him travel back in time. But his experiment goes wrong and the scientist finds himself trapped in an infinite loop, while his being jumps from time to time. His only chance of getting out of it is a hybrid computer and Rear Admiral Al Calavicci, who helps him solve problems from the past hoping to get him back to the present.

Quantum Code was one of the most realistic time travel series. First, because it focused on deep themes (racism, the Vietnam War, religion). Second, because its creator developed the ingenious theory of string to justify Sam's time jumps: his travels are limited by his lifespan, imagined as a string with his birth and death at its limits. Apart from its fifth season, which is slightly more capillary, the ingenuity of Quantum Code has always fascinated spectators and inspired many creators, from Duncan Jones to Seth MacFarlane through the Russo brothers.

Time power: ⌛⌛⌛⌛⌛

The 8 episodes of 22.11.63 are available in full on MyCanal.

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