The Bentley Continental GT changes to a scale model. The manufacturer offers 3 variants (1 / 64th, 1 / 43rd, 1 / 8th) to please you according to your budget.

With each new model, its miniature! In general, the reduced model follows the commercialization of the scale 1 vehicle by a few months. There, it took Bentley 3 years to offer a mini-format of its 3rd generation Continental GT. For those who were impatient, it was worth the wait. The British manufacturer has not done things by halves. The large coupé is available in three sizes: 1/64, 1/43, 1/8.

Customizable 1 / 8th scale reproduction

For those with an unlimited budget, there is the Continental GT in 1/8 scale. This 78 cm long model is made up of more than 1000 parts. They are assembled by hand. To achieve it, it takes about 300 hours of work. The level of detail of this resin "miniature" is stunning.

It is even possible to personalize this very faithful reproduction by selecting the exterior color, its rims, the color of the brake calipers, its interior veneers (wood, carbon fiber …), the color of the leather and even the stitching! And for the replica to be perfect, Bentley is even going to replicate the license plate.

Customers can “exhibit proudly in their office or living room” billed at no less than € 7,770.

Smaller, more affordable miniatures

Less expensive, reproductions at 1 / 43rd and 1 / 64th. It is the ideal gift for a true enthusiast of the brand and the model. The larger of the two replicas (11 cm) is made of resin. It comes in two shades: gray or gold. It is displayed at a price of £ 85, excluding postage at £ 3.99, or around € 100 per car.

The second is in die-cast metal. It is 7.7 cm long. It comes in three colors: White, Orange and Glitter Blue. Its price: £ 12 + £ 3.99 delivery costs in Europe, or a total of € 18 per miniature.

Each of the models can be purchased at retailers or directly online via the links below:

> Bentley Continental GT 1 / 8th: 78cm long, 40cm wide and 24.4cm high
> Bentley Continental GT 1:43: 11.2 cm long, 5.2 cm wide and 3.3 cm high
> Bentley Continental GT 1:64: 7.7 cm long and 3.1 cm wide

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