French Montana rapper gets Bugatti Veyron –

When you're a rapper and you want to prove your success, buying a Bugatti seems to be an absolutely essential act.

French Montana is one of those American rappers who have met with great commercial success around the world. And like Drake or 50 Cent, he seems to want to do everything to comply with the codes of the successful international rapper by displaying some essential elements such as particularly brilliant watches or … his new Bugatti.

French Montana has just acquired a blue Bugatti Veyron, the model that was in the catalog of the Molsheim brand before the arrival of the Chiron.

Toilet paper in a supercar

For the occasion, French Montana has split a small video during the delivery of its new supercar. And he installed himself for the first time behind the wheel of the machine with … a roll of toilet paper which he installed in the passenger seat. The image may lack a bit of class, but he will now be able to enjoy his 1001 horsepower when he roams the streets of Las Vegas.

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