French Cup: like OM, Nîmes left with its share of revenue against fans of Tours – Le Figaro

The Touraine club had to sit on part of the recipe for the 32nd finals of the Coupe de France, the professionals of Nîmes not wanting to leave their share to the amateurs as it is customary.

Like Trélissac, eliminated by Olympique de Marseille, the tour of Tours in the Coupe de France ended this weekend after the clinging match, facing Nîmes (elimination on penalties (2-2, 2 tab to 4 And like Trélissac, the Tourangeaux had to make a cross on the totality of the recipe at the counters, in general graciously left by the professional clubs when these face an amateur formation.

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20%"target =" _ self "> In a press release published Monday, the Tours Football Club revisits this attitude deemed "egocentric" and "selfish" by the club's leaders relegated to National 3 last season due to a precarious financial situation.

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"Warmly welcomed the day before the match for its installation at the Tours FC training center, placed in the best conditions for their stay, qualified in extremis and in the conditions on which we will not return, with the endowment being an endowment federal financial 50,000 euros, the guards went quietly with their share of revenue. An amount of € 9,500 which on the scale of a Ligue 1 club budget represents a microscopic drop of water, "deplores the amateur club.

According to the TFC, the Nîmes justified this choice to leave with their share by considering that it was necessary to cover the travel costs. "However, the Nîmes have come from the Gard with their official coach and have slept at the Ibis Styles!" Protests the press release, which concludes with a call to the president of the Crocodiles, Rani Assaf, so that he will come back to his decision.

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