Free public transport on Saturdays, for a year in Rouen: it starts tomorrow

Free use of public transport in Rouen (Seine-Maritime), tested on Saturdays, is applied from September 5, 2020. The experiment will last one year. Details.

transports commun rouen gratuite gratuit reseau astuce 854x571 - Free public transport on Saturdays, for a year in Rouen: it starts tomorrow
From Saturday September 5, 2020, and for one year, public transport in the Astuce network in the agglo of Rouen (Seine-Maritime) will be free. (© FM / 76actu)

This is the first measure particularly visible to the general public, taken by the new mayor and president of the metropolis of Rouen (Seine-Maritime), Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol. Free travel on urban public transport (Astuce network) on Saturdays will be tested for one year, from September 5, 2020.

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Environment and economy

Appearing in the program of the candidate of the list "Fiers of Rouen", the measure was voted in council of the Rouen Normandy metropolis Wednesday July 22, 2020, at the Zénith. In addition to the environmental aim, this choice is part of the policy to boost trade in Rouen, especially at weekends. It is in this spirit that a new event, the "Fête du commerce", will liven up the city center from September 9 to October 31, with concerts, strolls, markets, etc.

"However, you will need to validate your Tip card or transport ticket on which no trip will be counted, so that the service provider knows the number of additional travelers who use public transport on Saturdays, during the test phase," underlines the City. from Rouen.

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How it works ?

On its site, the Astuce network specifies the different scenarios:

"I have a Tip or Atoumod card":
• It is loaded with at least one ticket: I normally validate it without a travel account
• It is not valid (no ticket loaded): I load the free ticket on Saturdays from one of the 115 ticket machines at TEOR and metro stations or from the depositories (list, here).

"I am a user of the SMS ticket and the M-ticket":
• The SMS title: send V1 to 93000 and you will receive the free ticket on Saturday (no invoicing)
• The M-Ticket (from the My Astuce app): select your ticket, validate it on the QR codes in the vehicles and no payment will be made.

"I have a magnetic ticket" (1 trip, 10 trips):
• I normally validate it without travel account

"I don't have a ticket":
• Free ticket to be collected at the branch (9, rue Jeanne d´Arc and Gare SNCF Rouen, 55, rue Jean-Jaurès in Elbeuf, 102, rue Guy-de-Maupassant in Duclair). Title reusable for one year (to keep, therefore).

Estimated cost of this experiment for the Rouen Normandy Metropolis: 500,000 euros.

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