“Were there any doubts before extending Räikkönen and Giovinazzi?
I told you a few weeks ago that the season was difficult, that we knew that we had to make a decision regarding our drivers, but that there was no rush, with several more races to go. So we decided, and we did it on time.

What are the strengths of each?
With Kimi (Räikkönen), we have one of the most experienced riders in the paddock, who always shows motivation. He showed it to us during the last race, in Portugal, with his fantastic start (16th on the grid, the Finn finished the first lap in sixth position). Antonio (Giovinazzi) has progressed since his arrival with us, he is now able to compete with Kimi in qualifying and in the race. We have a good combination of drivers with them, they are two assets for the team.

What about your contract, which will end this season?
My plan is not to stop in the weeks or months to come. I will continue to advance and progress the team, find a main sponsor, etc …

Have any pilots approached you?
In F1 you are always in contact with everyone. The team principal who tells you that he has no contact with the other pilots is lying to you … "