Four key tips to be a responsible tourist during this long holiday Travel

Long holidays are the ideal opportunity to get away and relax, either discovering new national destinations or betting on getting to know a new country. In just a few days we will have a long weekend which can be used to launch us on new adventures and trips.

However, it is good that you never forget the importance of being a responsible tourist. For this reason, Juan Carlos del Carpio, from the Tripea travel blog and part of the Subaru team, offers these four tips to have an unforgettable trip, while still contributing as a good tourist for the town.

one. Choose your destiny carefully. Before traveling, ask yourself why you want to go there. If your reason is based on visiting the hot spots, or taking the picture with more like Instagram, you could be supporting over-tourism. When choosing where you will go, contemplate that it is a place that you are genuinely going to enjoy and that aligns with your interests.

2. Be respectful of the local culture. Find out about the uses and customs of the place you are going to visit. Many countries already have rules for tourists and advertise them through their official websites or social networks.

3. Find out where you are staying. The rise of the hostel (low price accommodation in which people from different countries share spaces) and Airbnb rentals have lowered costs when making a trip. However, it is important to map what kind of accommodation suits us and not just choose based on the price.

We must also take into account the city in which we will stay, because depending on it it might be more beneficial to opt for a rental, if there are several people who travel.

Four. Plan the trip well in advance. It is well known that buying tickets in advance means a great saving when planning a trip, but you can take that saving to other aspects of your route.

Booking in advance through the internet to see some famous tourist spot will save you time and in some cases you can take advantage of exclusive offers from online portals. The same can be done for accommodation.

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