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American justice considered Epic Games responsible for the removal of its game Fortnite from the App Store. But the studio won a first battle against the giant Apple.

Epic Games failed to convince the judges to force Apple to make the game available again Fortnite on its app store. The game development studio has, however, obtained a temporary order to prevent the giant from suspending its development tools, reports Engadget.

Last week, Apple threatened Epic Games to remove its developer account and access to all of its development tools on iOS and Mac as of August 28. This would have resulted in the Unreal Engine program being unavailable, used by many other studios to develop iPhone and Mac games. Thanks to the order issued by the American judges, this tool will remain available.

Above all, the game Fortnite would have indeed disappeared from all iPhones. Currently, players who have already downloaded it can continue to enjoy it, but it is not possible to download it for the first time. But as of August 28, Apple may decide to remove it for everyone.

Epic Games held responsible for Fortnite's fate

On the case Fortnite, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers considered that Epic Games was responsible for the situation. "In my opinion, you cannot have irreparable harm when you have created it yourself," she ruled.

Apple's threat to delete Epic Games' developer account followed a trap set by the development studio, which tried to bypass the 30% commission traditionally imposed by Apple's and Google's app stores. . The rules of use not having been respected, the two giants had banned Fortnite from their store.

Epic Games then held up a document prepared in advance, indicating to file a complaint against Apple and Google to end their anti-competitive practices. Without suspecting that Apple would put it back to the wall by threatening its Unreal Engine program, used by many customers.

Epic Games is not alone in its battle against Apple. Facebook also accuses the group of abusing a dominant position. On August 21, prestigious American media, including the New York Times and the Washington post have also challenged these rules by a letter addressed directly to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple.

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