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Formula 1 This shattering outing on Ferraris poor performance - Formula 1: This shattering outing on Ferrari's poor performance!  - The 10 Sport

Most disappointing last season, the Ferrari team has been the subject of much criticism since. At the dawn of the 2021 season, Luca di Montezemolo, former boss of the Scuderia, sounded the alarm.

Sixth in the constructors’ ranking at the end of the last financial year, Ferrari had a 2020 season close to catastrophic. After a series of disappointing performances, the Italian team decided to renew their team. To accompany Charles Leclerc (8th overall last season), the Scuderia Ferrari has signed a certain Carlos sainz jr, en lieu and in place of Sebastian vettel, gone to Aston Martin. A renewal that will replace Ferrari in the upper echelons of Formula 1, in a position to compete Mercedes and Red Bull ? While some, including the main stakeholders, are impatient to start the season, others still express some concerns about much deeper issues. This is particularly the case of Luca di Montezemolo, former boss of Ferrari until 2014, which speaks of an organizational problem at the origin of this season to forget.

“Ferrari’s 2020 season was disastrous! “

“Ferrari’s 2020 season was disastrous. In the past, finishing third in the constructors’ standings was considered a complete failure. So what about a sixth place finish? In my day, we were careful to see where our mistakes were and hire the best people in the market to correct things, whether it was aerodynamically, electronically or mechanically. Today the Scuderia is clearly lacking in organization and this will not change in just one season. Mattia Binotto has been in charge of everything since 2019. I hope he will take the trouble to delegate and trust those who can help him get Ferrari out of the rut ”, got carried away Luca di Montezemolo, former boss of Ferrari, interviewed by German media Bild.