The new simulator is absolutely at the forefront in the field of vehicle dynamics simulation and reproduced in a 360 ° environment, the lowest latency and the highest bandwidth of any motion simulator available on the market. . It is based on a completely new concept, the result of a collaboration between Scuderia Ferrari and Dynisma, an independent company based in the United Kingdom and managed by Ash Warne, former Ferrari engineer. It was developed exclusively for the Maranello team.

A state-of-the-art simulator

Ferrari continues to work for the future. The 2021 season is in full swing, but, as the various teams have repeated until exhaustion, attention is now almost entirely focused on the groundbreaking 2022 project, and the Scuderia de Maranello is no exception. In addition to the work of designing the new car, in recent months (or rather these last years), the Scuderia Maranello has worked on improving one of its main weak points: the simulator, which has become fundamental in an F1 where the track tests are kept to a minimum.

The next-gen simulator should help Ferrari prepare for the weekend and find the optimal settings for this year’s SF21, but also for the development of a new car for 2022, which has been in design for months. It is based on a completely new concept which is the result of a collaboration between Scuderia Ferrari and Dynamism, a British company run by former Ferrari engineer Ashley Warne, and which is a completely exclusive product for the transalpine team. This announcement was made on the Prancing Horse Stable’s Twitter account, this new simulator will be available from September 2022.

Simulations and digital technologies will play an even bigger role in the development of F1 and we believe we made the best choice possible. We have focused on creating tools that will allow us to take a generational step in this sector. To produce it, we chose Dynamism, a young and dynamic company. It took two years to complete this project and we are now ready to use it on Project 674 which is the code name we gave the car based on the new technical rules for 2022.”Said Gianmaria Fulgenzi, head of supply chain.

Article published on 07/11/2021 at 10h00