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Formula 1 For Ferrari Carlos Sainz Jr is ready - Formula 1: For Ferrari, Carlos Sainz Jr is ready! - The 10 Sport

Currently at McLaren, Carlos Sainz Jr will be Charles Leclerc's teammate next season. The Spaniard knows he will step into the big leagues, but that doesn't scare him.

Landed by Renault to make room for Daniel Ricciardo, Carlos Sainz Jr relaunched at McLaren where he impressed his world up to Ferrari. Indeed, wishing to turn the page Sebastian Vettel, the Scuderia chose Carlos Sainz Jr to replace the German world champion. In the Italian team, the Spaniard will team up with Charles Leclerc. As for the pressure, Carlos Sainz Jr welcome him.

"You have to be ready for this kind of scenario"

“I look at it as preparation. In the future, if I want to fight for a championship, and I do, there's this analysis on you and these looks. But I'm sure once in a fight for a championship the pressure is insane. You have to be prepared for these kinds of scenarios and I want to be in one of them. It’s something that I have in mind, but it’s also something that I’m ready to go through because it’s what any rider who wants to be world champion has to go through at some point. Since joining McLaren, I have had more pressure, and a little more attention since I signed as a driver for Ferrari. When you sign for a team like McLaren or Renault, you get this attention from the British media and the French media, and that’s something that affected me. In my sixth year in F1 I now know how to handle these things. The first year is the most difficult, everything surprises you, but six years later, you know how to react to a bad qualifying, a bad first lap, a bad race. You keep your head down and you think about yourself, not to be too distracted ”. told Carlos Sainz Jr in comments reported by Nextgen-auto.

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