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Formula 1 Ferrari shows its ambitions for the next Grand - Formula 1: Ferrari shows its ambitions for the next Grand Prix! - The 10 Sport

In difficulty since the start of the season, Ferrari is working to prepare for 2021. Its sporting director is aware that the team will need time.

Far from the constructors and drivers rankings, Ferrari is having a difficult season. One of the most complicated in its history in Formula 1. The Maranello team have already drawn a line on 2020 and are focusing on the next season. After a Grand Prize from Russia just like the season, Vettel finished out of points while Leclerc brought back a 6th place, the prancing horse concentrates on his plan to return to the foreground. A long road to be faced step by step.

"There is still a little more to come next week"

In comments reported by NextGen Auto, Laurent Mekies, sporting director, reviewed the latest progress of Ferrari and expectations for the next Grand Prize. “We are very aware of what we need to do and the weaknesses. The new parts aren't going to greatly improve the lap times on the car, but they are a step towards understanding the ability to change the characteristic that we don't like about this car. We did, test very carefully, and this is one of many small steps that we hope will be part of our way back to the top. In all fairness, the Russian Grand Prix was probably one of the small steps we wanted to see after having had such a tough season to figure out what needs to be done. There's still a bit more to come next week for the Nürburgring Grand Prix. But these are the elements that allow us to see if we can properly initiate changes to certain characteristics of our car. Hope this is a good start. "

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