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In a few months, Carlos Sainz Jr will leave McLaren to join Ferrari. Before starting this new chapter, the Spaniard took stock.

At 26, Carlos sainz jr will discover the tub of the Scuderia Ferrari next year. However, the Italian team are looking gloomy this season. While Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel are struggling to get into the points, the Spaniard, still a driver Mclaren for six more Grands Prix, refuses to comment on its future destination. Asked by The team, Carlos sainz jr preferred to kick in touch as to any regrets about signing in a poor team: “You already know the answer. It doesn't change from a month ago because it's the same question as usual. Try to find new questions ». At the time, he said he was sure the factory was working "Hard" and hoped she "Progress a little" before his arrival.

"The team got the best of me"

But, always for The team, Carlos sainz jr delivered more on his current team, explaining that he has no regrets about his time at Mclaren : “I can't regret much except maybe this dumpling in Russia. I really enjoyed working here. I appreciate the atmosphere, the state of mind. The team got the best of me. I just want to finish well; I want McLaren to keep improving. I have six races left to bring back the maximum number of points for this team. I think that's what I need to do and stick to my contract. "

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