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Ferrari: 1991 the previous one.

But what's going on at the Scuderia? The disappointing performance of the prancing horse this Sunday is not in itself anything fundamentally new. Ferrai had during its history similar periods which led to palace revolutions. The Scuderia Ferrari is never as strong as when there is an alignment of the planets: Rory Byrne for the design of the machines, Ross Brawn for the racing tactics, Jean Todt for the sports management and Michaël Schmacher for the driving.

To arrive at this spiral of victory, Ferrari has known lean times, not to say rabid cows …

History stutters ….

Indeed, a tandem composed of a multiple World Champion and a youngster who promises, a competent sports director but completely paralyzed by a structure as complex and heavy as Ferrari, a transalpine press that does not forgive anything yes, Ferrari knows, and that's not new …

Formula 1 Ferrari before 2020 there was 1991 - Formula 1 - Ferrari: before 2020, there was 1991 ... - Le Mag Sport Auto - Le Mag Sport Auto

1990: the title flies to Portugal (and not to Suzuka!)

In 1990, Alain Prost achieved his best overall season since his debut in the top discipline in 1980. Clearly at the top of his game, outstanding tactician, best set-up on the field, he disgusted all his opponents in Mexico, where, having sacrificed his qualifications in order to spare his tires for the race, he started 13th and won the event.

Having for teammate Nigel Mansell, "the old lion", this one frustrated not to obtain the same results as his teammate, scuttles (or not it is according to) the chances of title of the Frenchman, by packing him at the start of the Grand Prix ​​du Portugal, the Briton won the race ahead of Senna, and it was here, and not at Suzuka, that the title was lost. Prost's anger was not dampened by Cesare Fiorio's words: “Mansell made a mistake at the start, by putting his car through, he favored the two McLarens who found themselves in the lead at the first corner. But I have no complaints about Nigel "

“Nigel had to help Alain for the championship. But for example if he was second and Prost third; We talked about it in the morning with Nigel, and he told me that if he got in the lead he would aim for the win. It is not moral to ask a driver who takes risks to give up his first place. We can perhaps ask that, when the title is at stake in the last race, but not when 16 points separate the first two and four races remaining to be contested. The situation is not obvious enough…. And it will happen Suzuka. few weeks later. As everyone knows …

12 years later, the rationality and pragmatism of Jean Todt proved him right to the detriment of panache and Cesare Fiorio's words …

1599027800 545 Formula 1 Ferrari before 2020 there was 1991 - Formula 1 - Ferrari: before 2020, there was 1991 ... - Le Mag Sport Auto - Le Mag Sport Auto

Ferrari, 1991: Patatras …

As much as Ferrari's 1990 season was brilliant on the track, 1991 was the most complete collapse: from 110 points, Ferrari fell to third place among manufacturers: 55.5 points, almost half as much! Blame it on failed single-seaters, neither the 642 nor the 643 are at the level of the 641 of the previous season.

Mansell left for Williams-Renault, it is the promising Jean Alesi who takes place in the second seat of Ferrari. A French tandem at Ferrari, a first since 1983 with Patrick Tambay and René Arnoux.

The little phrase too many

Two podiums for Ferrari, two third places for Jean Alési and Alain Prost, the results are very poor. Jean Alesi clings to his dream of driving for the Scuderia, Alain Prost is exasperated.

In Suzuka, Jean Alesi's race ends in a plume of smoke, for Alain Prost his Grand Prix is ​​a nightmare: "I have never driven such a bad car in my entire career" he will admit … "a good one. truck driver 'with big arms, could have done as well as me today. I didn't really feel like an F1 driver, it's very frustrating "

One too many words for Ferrari, the most prestigious manufacturer in the world, who refused to accept such comments. Dismissed immediately by Ferrari, he will be replaced by Gianni Morbidelli for the final Grand Prix of the 1991 season in Adelaide.

Maybe we need to restore this truth almost 30 years after the fact, The Mag Sport Auto reveals it to you: Alain Prost was in very advanced contact to obtain broad technical responsibilities within Ferrari, including in particular technical feedback. That was the goal at the time, for a smoother 1992 season.

Other riders had outings much later: like Alonso vis-à-vis the engine manufacturer Honda: the "GP2" engines, or Charles Leclerc this Sunday, and which we will not reproduce here …

When is victory for now?

It was not until July 1, 1993 that Ferrari called Jean Todt to the bedside, after his incredible treble at the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the wonderful Peugeot 905.

It will take Jean Todt 6 full seasons for Ferrari, 20 years after its last title with Jody Scheckter, to claim the title of World Constructors' Champion.

Who will be the providential man who will come to save the Scuderia this time? Considering that developments are now frozen?

Only the future will tell us…

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