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Formula 1 Aston Martin is waiting for Sebastian Vettel with - Formula 1: Aston Martin is waiting for Sebastian Vettel with firm footing! - The 10 Sport

While Sebastian Vettel will join Aston Martin F1 next season, the team manager now named Racing Point said he has big ambitions with the four-time world champion.

This end of the 2020 season will mark the end of Sebastian Vettel's nightmare at Ferrari. The Italian team have indeed been in great difficulty in recent months and have been going through a most delicate exercise with a car whose performance has fallen short of expectations. And if Charles Leclerc manages to get by, Sebastian vettel is encountering great difficulties, especially since the arrival of the Monegasque driver last season did not help the German at all. The Scuderia bet everything on Charles Leclerc, thus leaving his quadruple world champion somewhat aside. Coming to the end of his contract at the end of the season, Sebastian vettel will therefore leave Ferrari and has already announced that he will join Aston Martin F1, currently named Racing Point. And the least we can say is that the German driver is eagerly awaited there as his future team wants to bet on him in order to take a step forward next season as explained by his manager. Otmar Szafnauer.

"We will help him find the skills that made him stand out from the crowd"

" We can't wait to see him return with us to the level he's used to in big teams. He is a four-time world champion. I'm sure he can show us what it takes to fight for victories and titles. And we'll help him regain the skills that made him stand out. That’s why the combination should be a success. Sebastian is extremely experienced and yet he is only 33 years old. And he knows how to win world championships. How does a top-level team approach a weekend, what have Ferrari and Red Bull done differently than us? It's not said that both teams are doing better, but such a direct comparison is helpful in picking the best of all worlds. This will then allow us to take a new step. The spirit of racing is part of our DNA. It all started as Jordan and then as Force India we lived with that mentality. We beat teams that had a budget twice the size of ours. Sebastian is going to enjoy working in this environment and it will help him regain his old strength. And with Lance Stroll, we have a very young pilot hungry for knowledge, who can learn a lot from Seb. It would be a fantastic first season for Aston Martin if we could aim for points and podium places on a regular basis. ", has explained Otmar szafnauer in comments reported by

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