Forgotten concept – Chrysler Atlantic (1995) – Motor1 France

During the 90s, many manufacturers tried to relaunch by drawing inspiration from the past. Volkswagen launched the alluring New Beetle in 1998, later the Mini was born (2001) and then the Fiat 500 was unveiled (2007). In the USA, manufacturers were less nostalgic, or at least, the only conceptual attempts did not materialize with the exception of the Chrysler PT Cruiser.

The Detroit company was one of the most prolific of this era. She presented an impressive number of concepts with fascinating lines. Some were too ahead of their time, others failed to convince the public.

As a tribute to the past

In the middle of the decade, in 1995, Chrysler introduced the Atlantic. This model was heavily inspired by the past, but unlike other American concepts, this one was inspired by European cars. It starts with the name, because Atlantic refers to one of the rarest and finest cars of all time, the Bugatti 57SC Atlantic.

The design elegantly blends classic elements such as the large mudguards, grille and 21-inch chrome wheels up front and 22-inch rear. The dimensions of this concept were worthy of an American car. It was over 5m long and had a wheelbase of over 3m.

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4 seats, 4 liters of displacement

In the passenger compartment, the Chrysler Atlantic could carry 4 people. Its neo-retro style and digital instruments made it a very special car. Better yet, under its long hood, there was an in-line 8 cylinder engine developing total power in the region of 350-360 hp. It was sent to the rear wheels via an automatic transmission.

Unfortunately, this concept never gave birth to a production model. He never left trade fairs and other exhibitions. However, the Chrysler Atlantic still exists, it is on display at the W.P. Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills. It is arguably the most admired car in the collection.

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