Even if the recipe is not 100% established, Reinette de Forges should look like this.
Even if the recipe is not 100% established, Reinette de Forges should look like this. (© DR)

Thursday July 8, 2021, bakers, elected officials and members of theForges-les-Eaux Tourist Office (Seine-Maritime) gathered again at the municipal theater to bring the final touches to the recipe of cake the Reinette de Forges.

It was a question of refining and giving some readjustments to the final recipe of Reinette de Forges, this brayon shortbread that should leave tourists with a taste of memory.

It is precisely the storage time of the cake that was at the center of the discussions. Frangipane or almond cream? The choice between 10 grams of frangipane or 15 grams of almond cream will become final after durability analyzes carried out by the Domaine de Forges.

” Here we are “

Five cakes were tasted then the discussions followed: “You have to measure to balance the tastes of apple and hazelnut”.

Then came discussions using professional words such as appliance (interior) or grammage (weight of ingredients). Choices fell for 10 g of hazelnuts, and 35 g of apples.

“Here we are, we are in the process of balancing the flavors! We will be able to make the Reinette a family cake for 6 people. “

Richard Frischerdirector of Forges thermal

Lea Chauveau, owner with Alexandre cousin from the bakery and pastry shop Léa et Alexandre, gave its opinion on this project and this work between professionals:

“It’s nice to meet between pastry chefs and it’s just as nice to respect a common set of specifications and to be able to refine the association of flavors”.

The final recipe will be effective from the end of August and the presentation will be made at the party Brévière de Forges during the first weekend of October.

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