For Stéphane Richard, the idyll between Huawei and Orange will soon be part of the pastZDNet

Orange%20boutique%202%20620  w630 - For Stéphane Richard, the idyll between Huawei and Orange will soon be part of the pastZDNet

Orange and Huawei in Europe, it's over. Or almost. The incumbent operator should have less and less use of equipment marketed by the Chinese manufacturer, while the latter is currently the subject of a real trade war waged by the Trump administration. Asked on the sidelines of the presentation of the operator's quarterly results, its CEO Stéphane Richard confirmed that Orange will do without the services of the Chinese group for the deployment of its 5G networks in Poland and Belgium.

Orange, which should see its French 5G network equipped by Nokia and Ericsson, will however retain some links with Huawei. At least in Spain, by virtue of an agreement concluded recently. "There is part of the 5G network that we will do with Huawei in Spain," said the leader, stressing that this country had already chosen its partners for the deployment of this new technology.

“In the other countries, I am thinking in particular of Belgium and Poland, we have not yet taken a final decision. But it is obvious that we will have to take into account the general, political (and) geopolitical context that we see in Europe. And so, in fact, it is likely that, in the long term, the share of Huawei equipment in Europe will decrease, ”he added, according to comments reported by Reuters and made during a conference call with analysts.

Huawei's future in Europe is dotted

As a reminder, France will de facto exclude Huawei from its list of authorized telecommunications equipment suppliers from 2028, while Great Britain announced in mid-July that it would no longer use any Huawei equipment for its network. 5G by 2027. Orange, controlled by the French state, does not use Huawei's infrastructure on its network in France and it is one of the European operators least exposed to the Chinese group, underlined Stéphane Richard during the publication of the operator's results.

Asked about the possible consequences of the pressures currently undergone by the Chinese group on the partnership with Orange in cloud computing services, Stéphane Richard said that this agreement did not necessarily retain "relevance" in Europe. "It is clear that this Huawei cloud infrastructure is not today necessarily the one that we will be promoting in Europe," he conceded. The future is proving more and more difficult for Huawei on the Old Continent.

Still, the manufacturer can still rely on its sales of smartphones, he who has just stolen the place of the world's leading manufacturer with the nose and beard of Samsung, well helped in this by the strike force of the Chinese market. While it was faced with serious turbulence and suffered like the entire sector from the current health crisis, the Chinese manufacturer thus achieved the feat of selling 55.8 million phones in the second quarter, a decrease of only 5% over one year. At the same time, the champion of the sector, the South Korean Samsung, for its part sold "only" 53.7 million smartphones during the second quarter of 2020, a drop of 30% of its sales on a year.

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