For Seidl, McLaren F1 can be inspired by… Bayern Munich –

Andreas Seidl, McLaren F1 team manager of German nationality, was delighted, like all his compatriots, by the exceptional performance of Bayern Munich in the Champions League, which won the competition by impressing, in particular, in semi-final against FC Barcelona.

A Bayern supporter, Seidl sees many parallels between the football team, led by Hans-Dieter Flick, and… the F1 team he manages in Woking. In hollow, Seidl describes what he wants for McLaren: to unite a team to make it regain its luster …

“It's no secret that I'm a huge football fan too. What I love about football is just that team aspect. It's fascinating to see how the teams, after a bad start, turn things around. "

“I can see how Bayern Munich have done it this year. It’s something that I follow closely, as much as possible from the outside. "

“It was just great to see that, also with the new coach, how they came together as a team again, how they found that team spirit that seemed to have taken them from victory to victory. "

But can F1 really be compared to football? Yes, at least for the team spirit and mentality side, replies the McLaren F1 director …

“What I love about football, like other sports, is what I love about Formula 1, is that it's a team sport – of course. "

“Formula 1 is a team sport of 600, 700 people, because I consider every member of the team to be a member of the sports team, and not just the two drivers. "

“It's great to see that once you get into this sport, in terms of team spirit, you can release that energy. It doesn't matter if it's an 11-player football team, including all the staff around, or a Formula 1 team, that's just what I love. "

“I love seeing all these emotions, these roller coasters that you go through during games, during race weekends, with all these disappointments, these spikes also in the other direction of joy, this feeling of having accomplished something together after working hard as a team. "

"That's what fascinated me. "

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