For sale: Mercedes SLR Edition, the only real McLaren –

This is the only version of the SLR supercar whose development was not overseen by Mercedes-Benz. The Edition noted the separation between the Germans and the English.

The history of the Mercedes-McLaren SLR remains sulphurous. Designed in the early 2000s to celebrate the collaboration between Mercedes and McLaren in Formula 1, this supercar was to compete with the Ferrari Enzo and other Porsche Carrera GTs.

But between the Germans and the English, big philosophical differences were felt during the development of the machine. McLaren wanted the most efficient sports car possible on the racetrack, While Mercedes did not accept to sacrifice luxury and comfort. As a result, the SLR was between two chairs: with a carbon fiber chassis and a very powerful engine, it had an outdated automatic transmission and weighed much more than a real supercar.

The end

Once the separation was established between Mercedes and McLaren (including in Formula 1 with the arrival of the official Mercedes team at the end of 2009), McLaren still decided to offer a special version of the SLR, revised and corrected according to the tastes of the English developers (without consulting those of Mercedes). Launched at the very end of the 2000s, the SLR Edition had a specific body kit and chassis settings different from those of the “Mercedes” SLR. Its compressed V8 also increased to 750 horsepower, a hundred horsepower more than the SLR 722. And it is precisely one of the 25 copies of this SLR Edition which is found for sale at Collecting Cars.

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