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Definitely even during the holiday season, Elon Musk is never really on vacation. The manager recently returned to his project of underground tunnels for electric cars. For the record, the boss of Tesla Motors wants to connect major American cities to avoid traffic jams and loss of time. If the project is still in the testing stage, Elon Musk tweeted on December 28, offering Internet users to participate in a mini-survey.

The question is simple: "Build very safe and earthquake-free tunnels under cities to resolve traffic?" – 3 possible answers: "Absolutely", "Maybe" or "No, I like traffic" … Nearly 1.5 million people voted on Twitter and 66% answered yes. They are also 18% to hesitate and apparently 16% to like traffic jams …

"No toxic vapor"

"It would only be road tunnels for zero emission vehicles – no toxic fumes. Really, just an underground road, but limited to electric vehicles (from all car manufacturers). This does not replace other solutions like the train , but complements them, "says Elon Musk.

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