RECIPES – As certain as the toast always falls on the side of the jam, the first pancake is never successful. Murphy’s famous law is not necessarily a big deal, this failure has very good reasons to exist. And Candlemas, which takes place this Tuesday, February 2, is now or never to congratulate ourselves.

“The first pancake breeches the pan, details in HuffPost Françoise Belleguic, crepe maker in Paris at the Passy market and trainer. You have to put in enough fat but not too much either ”. This is often where the problem lies: too much fat kills fat. A little melted butter or grapeseed oil at the bottom of the pan is more than enough … for the whole batch. “After having greased the pan once, there is no need to do it again for each pancake, especially because there is melted butter in the dough”, advises Françoise Belleguic.

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Rectify your pancake batter

The first failed pancake is not necessarily an empty failure. She is also there to ensure that the next ones will be the best they can be. “The first pancake is used to gauge the temperature of the pan, adds Gwendal Pierre, pancake maker and secretary of the Federation of the crêperie. It serves as a test, as a master stallion. ”

If you want to make sure your baking sheet is at the right temperature, pour some batter in the center. If it starts to fry, you can go for it, if the dough is coloring too quickly, lower the heat and try your luck again. If the dough is not seared, you are in too much of a hurry. “If the dough is too liquid or too thick, the first crêpe also makes it possible to adjust the shot to obtain the best possible crêpe dough,” recalls Gwendal Pierre.

The first pancake, admittedly failed, also often ends up directly in the cook’s stomach: a good way to eat with the eye and to check in the process if the dough could not be enriched with a little rum, vanilla or a lemon zest.

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