For Button Vettel's departure from Ferrari is "madness" – Le Figaro

The 2009 world champion doesn't understand why the German left Scuderia.

In an interview with Sky, former world champion Jenson Button says Vettel’s departure from Ferrari is “crazy”. "Sebastian showed his speed last year. He had a difficult time when Charles (Leclerc) behaved very well and it hurt him a little mentally. But he came back strong, someone you would definitely choose to put in your car. There must be more. I do not know if Ferrari does not want two number one drivers but it is a really strange choice for me and I am always shocked that Sebastian (Vettel) is not in a red car, "said the former sacred driver with Brawn GP in 2009. After six seasons (2020 included), Vettel will leave the Scuderia, replaced by Carlos Sainz Jr.

"Carlos (Sainz) is a winner, he is like his father"

Jenson Button

"If Binotto (director of Ferrari) chose Carlos thinking that he is a good driver but will not give Charles (Leclerc) a hard time, I think he is wrong," said Jenson Button. I think Carlos is a winner, he is like his father. He wants to bring a title home. He (Binotto) chose the wrong person if he just wants a good atmosphere in his team. "

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"We will see how it goes but it is a strange time. We have not seen single-seaters turn for months and make driver choices at a time when they are not driving, it is unusual. Normally, this (transfers) falls in mid-season and you see how the drivers have performed. Vettel could have had 4 or 5 wins at this time of the season. I am sure that (Ferrari's) decision would have been very different, ”concludes Button.

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