Football: the infallible recipe of Casseneuil –

Present at the club for more than 35 years, Gilles Camilleri knows all the inner workings. Both realistic and visionary, this emblematic president has mastered the difficult art of managing a club which now has more than 350 licensees. "With Hugues Thérin, who has supported me for many years, our watchwords are structure and training. This is the recipe for making a club sustainable."

This is why the management team has strengthened with the arrival in particular of Alain Coestier, responsible for the youth competitions pole in the District, and Alami Nadoui as co-president. As for training, the club has made it its credo for many years. "We want to train young people to join the senior teams within two or three years. Likewise, our goal of having two educators graduating per youth team is almost reached."

16 youth teams

The club will field 16 youth teams in virtually all categories and one or two women's teams. The senior 1 team will once again be coached by Thomas Charenton and will aim to maintain their rank at the regional level in a difficult group where the derbies will be numerous. The reserve team that advances to the departmental elite will also play maintenance.

President : Gilles Camilleri

Co-Chairs: Hugues Therin and Alami Nadoui

Number of licensees: 359 (season 2019 – 2020)

Coaches: Thomas Charenton and Manuel Pacher (1), Malik Aïssaoui and Nordine Laoudihi (2).

Arrivals: Nil Charif (Sainte-Livrade), Hicham Staiti (Sainte-Livrade), Jamal Belli (Sainte-Livrade), Cliff Bironda (SU Agen), Valentin De Sousa (Bias), Ahmed Andour (without club).

Departures: Rayane Benbarech (Golfech), Morad Demmaz (OS Agenais), Kévin Szpala (Villeneuve-sur-Lot)

The pool of team 1 (R3, pool I): Casseneuil, SU Agen, Castillonnès, Pays du Dropt, Saint-Médard-en-Jalles 2, Auros, Gensac Montcaret, Le Bouscat 2, Montpon Menesplet, Ambarès, Saint-Emilion 2, FC des Graves 2.

The pool of team 2 (D1): Casseneuil 2, SU Agen 2, Saint-Colomb, Marcellus, Le Mas, Gontaud, Colayrac, Sainte-Livrade, Monflanquin, Virazeil-Puymiclan, FCP-F, Nérac, Villeneuve-sur-Lot 2, Miramont.

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