UNUSUAL – In South Korea, airlines offer Seoul-Seoul flights: two hours in the air to enjoy an orgy of shopping and take advantage of duty-free products.

Choi Chang-Am has just bought a ticket for … nowhere: 2 hours of flight, an orgy of shopping and an illico return to square one. “I’m very excited. The taking, I can hardly believe it“, enthuses the young South Korean. The destination of his dreams is actually the duty-free area of ​​Seoul airport. Due to the lack of customers, the shops want to sell their stocks and offer discounts. on their products, the prices of which are already zero-rated. Anyone can buy within the limit of 500 euros, for a plane ticket whose price is set at 80 euros. Customers shop online and then pick them up before going. embark.

The plane chartered by Air Busan was full, as were the travelers’ suitcases. After a few tens of minutes of flight, the plane leaves South Korean airspace to enter an international zone. And it’s off again for a new shopping spree. “I am taking this flight to relieve myself from the current stress due to the health crisis. It feels good to do some shopping for less“Says a passenger who is on her third flight. Perfume, cosmetics, jewelry, leather goods… Everything is organized to encourage passengers to spend.”Since we started offering this service, the planes are all full. It’s not a real trip, but people can relive the experience of flying on an airplane while buying tax-free products “, explains a hostess. To occupy the time, a raffle is even organized by the crew.

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Five tonnes of CO2 for one flight

Hard hit by a crisis on the scale never seen, the airlines offering this service, six in number, invoke the safeguard of employment to justify this practice. And whatever the carbon footprint. Five tons of CO2, however, just for our 2 hour flight. Not enough to dampen the enthusiasm of these shopaholics. On arrival, these officially international passengers are the only ones of fourteen. “I bought a bottle of whiskey for my dad and I can assure you that we are all going to have a great time together“, says Choi Chang-Am, once back on dry land.

Given the success of the operation, the airlines intend to extend the experience at least until the end of December. And this, despite the consequences for the planet.

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