Pasta, toast, salads, oven-roasted vegetables … Have we ever needed such easy-to-make gustatory comforters? Thanks to the tips of our editorial team, we give you the best recipes for lazy evenings.

Do you want to eat well without complicating your life tonight? You are not alone. If fatigue is threatening us all, there is no question of ignoring the reflections and discussions around the next meal. This is the case for us in the editorial team, even if we don’t necessarily have the courage or the time to work in gastronomy. Pasta, toast, salads, oven-roasted vegetables… Nothing like a good dish that is easy and quick to cook to boost morale. Here are our team’s favorite recipes, to be made as soon as you feel slack.

Caramelized endives and smoked salmon

“When I’m lazy, I prepare caramelized endives with smoked salmon as well as pasta in case of great hunger. I mince the endives and I prefer maple syrup instead of honey, but it is is optional “. Loreleï BOQUET-VAUTOR, the vertical beauty lead at AuFeminin.

Recipe: Caramelized endives

Toast, salad, baked vegetables …

“In case of fatigue, here are the essential recipes to know: honey toast, a quinoa salad, a baked eggplant … or if not, I just buy myself a good McDonald’s, let’s be honest.

For the toast, I add honey and herbs of Provence with slices of goat cheese, and I put in the oven at 180 ° for 7 minutes, accompanied by a salad.

In my quinoa salad, I add avocado, smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, red onion and lemon juice to season instead of the mustard vinaigrette. Apart from cutting up the food, there is nothing to do.

And for the simplest of all, I simply cut out an eggplant to put in the oven! For a balanced meal, I also prepare a vegetarian or minced steak, nothing complicated. “Elise POIRET, journalist specializing in parenthood at AuFeminin.

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The recipes :
– Honey, Provence herbs and goat cheese toast
– Quinoa salad
– Baked eggplant

Hot goat cheese toast

“To simplify things, I omit the onion and honey. On small slices of bread, I simply spread fresh cream, a slice of goat’s log, a little herbamare salt, normal salt. , a little garlic powder … and I slide them in the oven until they are golden brown, followed by a little grilling at the end if necessary “. Marie LACOMBE, head of beauty section at AuFeminin.

Recipe : Hot goat cheese toast

The great easy classics

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Our director of social networks, Melinda HACENE, gives you plenty of his favorite quick recipes:

Quick anti-waste recipes

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“The recipe for toast with avocado and the egg lends itself to these confined times: at breakfast, at lunch, at dinner … Avocado toast, ready to taste in just 5 minutes, is a creamy comfort, acclaimed for its health benefits. Garnished with soft, poached, scrambled eggs … The recipe is absolutely to be tested.

In addition, fried rice is my favorite anti-waste recipe: if there are leftover rice, vegetables and meats, fish, or tofus in your fridge, there is nothing better. ”Juliette BARLIER, lifestyle journalist at AuFeminin.

The recipes :
– Avocado and soft-boiled egg toast
– Fried rice

Practical recipes for gourmets and for gourmets

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The lazy recipes of our director of the women’s division of Unify, Cecile DEHESDIN

“My favorite tomato sauce:

  • I fry 2 tablespoons of olive oil in the pan with very fine chopped onion, capers, olives, and a little chilli powder
  • Then I incorporate a can of tomato flesh (or I also prepare liters of homemade sauce in advance that I freeze in small portions)
  • I simmer over low heat for about 20 minutes
  • And finally I add my favorite cooked pasta in the sauce

Generally speaking, my cooking tip in times of fatigue is to cook on weekends when I have more time and freeze / refrigerate everything in preparation for the week. A suitable recipe for this method is the bowl of rice with leftovers:

  • I cook the vegetables on weekends (either in boiling water: broccoli / green beans / peas; or in the oven with olive oil and aromatic herbs: carrots / pumpkin)
  • Then during the week, I prepare rice pilau and then I assemble my bowls with rice pilau, vegetables of your choice and a fried egg.

A recipe to prepare in advance for gourmets: cookies

  • Prepare the cookie dough
  • Make balls
  • Bake a part to enjoy them immediately and freeze the others
  • As the week goes on, all you have to do is put the cookie balls in the oven to enjoy “
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