Flashed in a BMW 3 Series at 191 km / h, he rolls a joint in front of the police! – Autonews

The gendarmes of the departmental road safety squadron (EDSR) of Saône-et-Loire, carried out several road checks during the last weekend on the roads of their department. Among the various drivers arrested for speeding, a young man of 35, arrested by the military after being flashed behind the wheel of his BMW 3 Series at a speed of 191 km / h. In other words, an excess of 81 km / h of the authorized speed since this zone was limited to 110 km / h, reports the daily JSL.

The driver, who was driving illegally with a vehicle under immobilization, did not want to answer questions from the police. Instead, the offender, without pressure, preferred … to roll a joint at the wheel of his vehicle, refusing to get out while his BMW was mounted on the platform towards the pound. Placed in police custody, the insolent driver will have to answer for several offenses before the courts.

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