Five tips to travel safely in this pandemic

With the resumption of national flights and interprovincial bus services, with the exception of five regions that remain in targeted quarantine, Travelers should take measures to protect their health and prevent the eventual spread of Covid-19. This also includes keeping your belongings safe.

Hildebrando Castillo, a security specialist at G4S Peru, remember that the most important thing to guarantee your own safety is prevention. With this concept in mind, he provided five simple recommendations:

one.- Don't forget your implements. Remember that the mask and face shield are mandatory during the trip. Before any unforeseen event, always carry another mask in your hand luggage. Also includes alcohol gel and disinfectant wipes.

two.- Keep your distance. Respect this measure at stations, terminals or airports. Avoid touching surfaces unless absolutely necessary. If you have, disinfect your hands with alcohol.

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3.- Stay tuned. Although you may be on a leisure trip, crime does not rest. Be discreet and don't expose your belongings, travel only with what you really need and be very attentive to the people around you.

4.- Pay without contact. Avoid using cash in your transactions, either at the airport, terminal or elsewhere. It is preferable to use cards, as this way you avoid contact with bills and coins and it will be more difficult to be robbed.

5.- Be careful with your luggage. Do not place valuables in the suitcase that travels in the hold. If you have to carry a laptop, camera or tablet, it is preferable to carry it in your hand luggage. It is recommended to opt for locking mechanisms such as padlocks.

These were the recommendations provided by the specialist Hildebrando Castillo so that you can travel without running the risk of contagion by Covid-19. Find out more tips in our Family section.

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