Five things you may not know about Android

5 things you didn't know about Android – Geeko

An operating system for cameras

In an interview published on PC News, Andy Rubin, the brain behind the operating system
Android explains that the OS was originally intended for digital cameras. The Android co-founder pitched for several months the idea of ​​a platform that could store his photos in the cloud to various camera manufacturers. The concept did not appeal. Andy Rubin then decides to transform his OS to adapt it to

Saved by a friend

648x415 - Five things you may not know about Android
5 things you didn't know about Android – geeko
Andy Rubin left Google to found Essential.

In the months that followed, the young startup experienced a nightmare. Short of cash in 2004, Andy Rubin made an urgent call to one of his friends, Steve Perlman, and asked him to invest in his company. Perlman then goes to the bank and takes 10,000 dollars out of his account which he immediately gives to Andy Rubin. A derisory amount for a start-up, which however saves the project from sinking because it is thanks to this investment from a friend that Rubin will secure other funding thereafter, which will allow his company to survive until the takeover by

Android was born at Apple

Andy Rubin started his career at Apple. He spent three long years there. According to The Verge, Andy's colleagues call him Android. They find it funny that humans are passionate about robotics. Andy Rubin immediately bought the domain name and made it his personal blog. The site will remain his blog until 2008, before turning into an official site for his OS.

Redeemed for a paltry sum

The early years of Android were very difficult. The young start-up is struggling to sell its concept to partners. At the same time, Google was growing at that time. The Californian company is led by a trio of enthusiasts. Larry Page is interested in the operating system of the young start-up but his two colleagues do not understand his interest in mobile. However, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt are convinced by Larry to invest in the emerging ecosystem.

Paradoxically, Andy Rubin is no more excited than that by the idea of ​​reselling his baby to Google. On the one hand, because he dislikes Google’s corporate culture, its undefined structure. On the other hand, because it does not share the values ​​of Google’s very populist era. Its collection of luxury racing cars hardly finds its place in Google's car parks. He knows it however, his company will not survive long without investments and Google represents a great opportunity to advance his project. At the time, however, the acquisition went almost unnoticed. And for good reason since it is one of the smallest buyouts in Silicon Valley, valued at only $ 50 million.

With Android, Google intends to offer an operating system that will bring together all market players under one banner. The web giant wants to take over a sector that was previously controlled by telephone operators. And to succeed his bet, he decides to make the OS free.

A logo that was born on Google premises

648x415 - Five things you may not know about Android
5 things you didn't know about Android – geeko
A statue of the little Android robot sits in front of Google’s HQ.

Irina Blok is the artist behind the Android logo. The young woman will receive only one instruction during the initial pitch: the operating system logo must resemble a robot. She then gets to work and opts for a minimalist approach. It is inspired by logos representing a man and a woman that can be found on the toilet doors. Thus was born the little green robot from Android. And surprise, Google chooses not to legally protect its logo, which it considers an open-source project. Since its creation, the Android logo has been changed tens of thousands of times.

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