Going on vacation with your children is always nice. But a few seemingly innocuous errors can turn this experience into a nightmare …

That’s it, the holidays are coming, and with them, the period of long journeys and crossroads on the highway. Because before you bask your feet in the water or indulge your passion for hiking, you will first have to face the hours of travel that await you, sometimes in the traffic jam if you have no other choice to go on weekends and school holidays, like the vast majority of parents. A situation which can then put a strain on your nerves, but also those of your children, who may find it difficult to endure such a trip. If there are tips to make this step more comfortable, you must also be careful not to make certain mistakes that could cost you your peace of mind on the road to vacation. Auto-Moto details five mistakes you shouldn’t do to ensure that everything goes well!

Don’t take breaks

Sometimes the temptation is great to make the trip in one go, without stopping once, in order to save precious minutes or even more than an hour on a long trip. Who has never been tempted to prepare sandwiches in advance so that they don’t have to waste time in line on the motorway rest area? However, it is a bad plan to forget, especially when you have children, but also for obvious reasons of safety. Because we remind you, it is recommended to fbreak area every two hours, in order to combat drowsiness and reduced alertness while driving. In addition, stopping for a few minutes will allow you to ventilate yourself and stretch the legs of your toddlers, who are starting to fidget and lose patience in the back seat. If you have a baby, this stop will also be an opportunity to check the condition of his diaper and to give him food and drink.

Leave your children alone in the car

It is obvious, that we can never remember enough: no living being is left in the car during a stop, whether it is a child or even an animal, and this little the weather does not matter. In full summerWhether you park your vehicle in the sun or in the shade, you should know that the temperature of the passenger compartment rises at an insane rate, which can then exceed fifty degrees in less than twenty minutes. But more generally, leaving your child alone in a car also poses safety problems, the latter can then by mistake disengage the handbrake and cause an accident. In any case, it is essential to allow your toddler to relax and clear his mind before getting back on the road, more serenely.

Do not bring games and provisions

If you’ve ever taken a long road trip as a passenger, you know how long it can be when you’ve got nothing to do but look out the window. So imagine what it is like for a young child, who doesn’t necessarily have the habit of spending several hours sitting in the backseat of a vehicle. While some fall asleep the first time they spin the wheels, others tend to get bored quickly and get restless, making the trip much more difficult for parents. Hence the importance of planning a few games, which you could play together during the trip. Riddles, observation games and other simple activities will be ideal to entertain your child, and you too at the same time. Also remember to bring water bottles and snacks, to alleviate small appetites during the trip.

Not planning your route

Holidays are also and above all the freedom to improvise and think outside the box if you feel like it. A pretty village that requires a detour? No worries, after all, you have the time, right? Of course… if you didn’t have your children with you! Because when you travel with toddlers, no more improvisation and adventure! The best is still to plan your route, in order to better anticipate breaks and better meet your child’s needs. This is even more the case when you have a newborn, who requires more care. The ideal is to know in advance where to stop so that you can change your diaper or warm up your baby food, in order to avoid the crying fits that can turn your trip to hell. Of course, once there, you will be more free to improvise, as long as you take everything you need to take care of your baby.

Neglecting baby’s installation

If there is one point to be more than vigilant, it is the installation of your child. Indeed, in the event of an accident, even a minor one, a bad posture or a poorly secured car seat can have a significant impact on the safety of your baby. First, install it rearward facing for as long as possible, while some seats allow it up to around 25 kilos. Always remember to secure the seat, either with the belt or via the Isofix system, more and more widespread. Of course, it is essential to properly attach the harness, and to check that it is not stretched or twisted. Check that it is well positioned, and remember to remove your child’s coat before buckling everything. It should be noted that no less than two in three toddlers are not properly restrained in the car, as revealed by a study conducted in 2015 by the Association Prévention Routière, in partnership with Bébé Confort.

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