Five "hidden" Android features you'll love

Despite the big differences in hardware and software design between
    phones such as the

Pixel 4

from Google, the

Galaxy S20

from Samsung or the new TCL 10 series models, the experience of
    base remains the same. They are all powered by Android and have the same
    features, some of which are hidden.

Take, for example, split-screen apps. Use two
    applications at the same time is not only a fantasy for them
    iPhone users, but it's also very useful and integrated with Android.
    Ditto for Smart Lock, a tool that keeps your phone
    unlocked when at home and then reactivate the identification
    by fingerprint or PIN code as soon as you leave. It's incredibly

Keep in mind that all of the features in question
    below may not look the same or not work
    exactly the same way on all phones due to the fact that
    manufacturers often use custom overlays.
    Our tip: use the search bar at the top of the application
    Parameters for finding a function.

1. Activate silent mode for notifications that can wait

If you are tired of each notification causing a sound and / or a
    vibration of your phone, you can toggle those of your choice by
    silent mode. To do this, press and hold the notification
    in question and select "silent". This turns off the audible alert
    but keeps the display in the notification bar.

android notifs1 - Five "hidden" Android features you'll love

2. Use two apps at the same time

It’s one of our favorite features on Android. Very practical in particular
    when you consult Google Doc and compose an email.

Press the change application button or, if you are using the
    gestures of Android 10, swipe in from the bottom of the screen to
    access the multitasking view and tap the application icon at the top
    on the card, then on Split screen. The first application will slide to
    the upper half of the screen while the multitasking view will occupy the
    lower part. You can either select another application in
    the multitasking view, or launch an application from the screen
    or from the application drawer. Know that all applications
    do not support split screen mode. The only way to know
    if so is to try to open them in split screen.

android appli partage - Five "hidden" Android features you'll love

3. Watch a video while browsing simultaneously on Twitter

In the same spirit of split-screen applications, Android offers the
    Picture-in-Picture (PiP) function. Its use could not be more
    simple, just know that it exists.

To trigger the PiP function, start watching a video, then
    return to the home screen. It’s that easy. Once you
    exit the application, if it supports PiP mode, video
    appears in the form of a small window on the screen of your
    phone. You can move, resize or close it.

To view the list of applications that support this
    function, open Settings and go to Apps & notifications
    > Specific application access> Picture-in-Picture. This is
    also there that you can turn off PiP mode for an application

4. Use the Smart Lock to unlock the phone when you are
    at your house

This hidden function saves you from having to systematically enter your
    PIN code or scan your fingerprint when you are at home or
    at work. You can configure it to keep the phone unlocked
    when you are in a specific place, when you are active or
    again when you’re near a verified Bluetooth device like,
    for example, a laptop.

Open Settings> Security> Smart Lock and enter your code
    PIN when prompted. You can then choose what type of
    Smart Unlock you want to use and when. Keep in mind that if you
    have set Smart Lock to keep your phone unlocked at the
    house, it means that anyone you live with can
    to access.

android smart lock - Five "hidden" Android features you'll love

5. Quickly share your Wi-Fi network credentials with your friends

With Android 10, you can display a QR code on the phone screen
    which will allow anyone who scans it to connect to your
    Wi-Fi network.

Go to Settings> Network & Internet> Wi-Fi. Press the
    network name, then Share. To connect to a Wi-Fi network,
    do the same route but press the QR Code icon next to
    the Add Network option.

android partage wifi - Five "hidden" Android features you'll love article adapted by CNETFrance

Image: Angela Lang / CNET / Marc Zaffagni

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