By Thomas Doustaly

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Between the curfew and the countries which are reconfining themselves, it is difficult to go very far. But there is always time to prepare for the next trip. Follow the guide !

When France looks like the end of the world

- Five books that take you on a journey

The idea of See the world without leaving France is both economical and very fashionable. When you can’t travel far (Covid-19, lack of time or money), you can find “plans B” in France as wonderful as the most beautiful spots in the world. The images speak for themselves: the calanques of Marseille have the air of Cyclades, the Navacelles cirque rivals that of Salazie, in Reunion, the Volcano by architect Niemeyer in Le Havre replaces the buildings of Brasilia, and the Gorges du Verdon do not have to be ashamed facing the lagoon of El Nido, in the Philippines. Beyond the wink, this clever little book reminds us of the diversity of French landscapes and the richness of our country in exotic nuggets, from the Phap Vuong Tu pagoda, in Allier, to the Provencal Colorado of Rustrel, in the Vaucluse.

“See the world without leaving France”, by Céline Fion, Natasha Penot and Jean Tiffon, Illustrations by Mélody Denturck, Hachette, 220 p., € 19.90.

From adventures to adventures

- Five books that take you on a journey

Traveling to discover the great outdoors, playing sports as close as possible to nature, defying the elements, that’s a bit of what the women and men do. The New Robinsons paint the picture. English surfer Sophie Hellyer campaigns for inclusive sport on all oceans, Trent Preszler makes wooden canoes considered as works of art, Stéphanie Dietze challenges the mountains on her unicycle: this gallery of characters often looks back on life experiences which are also spiritual. In San Francisco Bay, an “urban shepherdess”, Brittany Cole Bush, even reconciles vegetarians with sheep farming! On the practical side, from survival accessories to ultralight equipment including “outdoor” gastronomy, these New Robinsons also offer a complete kit of the perfect adventurer, between old-fashioned trapper and sportsman 3.0.

“The New Robinsons: adventure in the great outdoors”, collective, Editions E / P / A, 256 p., € 35.

Wild camping and boy-scout spirit

- Five books that take you on a journey

Between the pleasure of camping and the art of the camper, from Sweden to Scotland via the American parks or French Polynesia, Camp around the world takes the reader by the hand: camping with your dog, making a (good) coffee in the great outdoors, having a successful campfire or mastering the bushcraft (wild camping techniques), practical advice alternates with stories of trips or experiences. Cycling, canoeing, glamping or rooftop tent, these travel invitations have in common the proximity to nature. The “camper tips” at the end of the book have a boy-scout side perfectly in tune with the times (special mention in “Can tuna stove”). Born in Besançon 34 years ago, Luc Gesell is not only a globetrotter and a seasoned camper, but he is also a skillful passer, who will give the most recalcitrant a desire for nights under the stars.

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