First missed pole from Hungary for Ferrari –

After a series of six consecutive pole positions, Ferrari had to give way and it is Valtteri Bottas who will start at the top of the grid, ahead of Sebastian Vettel. The latter was rather satisfied to have achieved such a result, given the very tight gaps.

"I'm pretty happy with my day, it was very close and exciting between us, I had two good laps but the front end was not at the top" explains the German. "Let's see if we can get a good start tomorrow." The straight line to the braking is not huge so our advantage will not be huge.

Bottas, he and their teammates will be in medium tires, just like Max Verstappen, third: "We will all be in the midfield for the start so nobody will have an advantage on this side, for the start, as for the strategy.The race will be long and interesting."

Charles Leclerc signed the fourth fastest time less than two-tenths of the pole position, and the Monegasque knows it could have been better with a few hundredths of a second less on his time.

"It was very tight, it was not an easy weekend on my side unfortunately, but it's positive" He said. "We start second and fourth, we expected better after the free practice but Mercedes and Red Bull were pretty good."

He explains what he will try to accomplish tomorrow: "A good start, and we must try to take the lead, it will not be easy but it is the plan.We know that we are a little worse in the race but it will give everything at the start."

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