Fiat Chrysler Stellantis paid bribes in the United States - Fiat Chrysler (Stellantis) paid bribes in the United States -

A bizarre case of corruption of union officials in the United States forced Stellantis and its subsidiary Fiat Chryser to pay the authorities a fine of $ 30 million.

The huge American automobile union UAW (United auto workers) is in the spotlight in a grim corruption case with the Fiat Chrysler group. The latter would indeed have spent a little less than $ 4 million over 7 years to bribe union officials, thus destroying the classic process of negotiation between union and industry, for the good of employees.

The corrupt received many valuable gifts from the Italian-American group via a training division, which served as a cover for FCA to buy union members, and in the process, social peace.

One of the union officials allegedly had his personal loan reimbursed by Fiat Chrysler, which at the same time signed contracts with the companies of the person concerned. A case that risks causing a stir within the UAW, forced to reform and do an internal “cleansing”.

Fiat Chrysler, for its part, agreed to plead guilty and pay a $ 30 million fine to end the legal dispute and avoid possible larger lawsuits.


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