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Lingerie and overcoat, red mouth and scent for boy. Nothing more modern than this type of bold shift, provided of course that the chosen scent is as gracious as virile.

For those days, I dare Orage of Louis Vuitton, a masculine perfume to fly with jubilation as it is racy, delicious and singular. He even turns away as comfortably as a perfectly cut jacket. The (very) great perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud – to whom we owe in particular Issey Miyake's L'Eau d'Issey, Yves Saint Laurent's Opium pour Homme or Jean Paul Gaultier's Classic, creator of the Maison since 2012, wanted to transcribe "the smell of the earth after the rain".

The purpose is dreaming, and the result is also transporting. It combines two sumptuous materials, among my favorite perfumes. Patchouli, so racy, deep and powerful, is here delivered from its dark and dusty facets to better defeat. The iris, delicately powdered, gives it a softness so fluffy that it becomes caressing. Add to this the freshness of the citrus fruits of good quality -bergamote and grapefruit-a vetiver to fall, and contemporary and super comfortable notes like cashmeran and white musks.

On the skin, the scent is fresh and woody at the same time, fragile and powerful, so vibrant that it seems alive. Irresistibly attractive and endearing, on the neck of a man as in the hollow of a woman's cleavage.

Eau de Parfum Orage by Louis Vuitton

, 210 euros the 100ml (Reloading in store 100ml, 125 euros). Available in a selection of Louis Vuitton stores and on louisvuitton.com.

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