Ferrari will not be able to block the proposal that would allow Red Bull to have its own engine program from 2022.

This is the claim of Toto Wolff, director of Mercedes F1, who surprised many in the paddock by supporting Red Bull's desire to take over Honda's intellectual property and operations.

"Even though it's not in our DNA at all, because we want to develop our own performance, we will support Red Bull and Honda as best we can," Wolff confirms ahead of the key F1 Commission meeting today in Portimao.

This proposal is in fact accompanied by an engine freeze from 2022 until the adoption of new rules, which could be brought forward to 2024.

"There is a new governance for the sport. Ferrari cannot stop it because a simple majority vote will suffice, especially since it concerns 2022 and not 2021. It should work, even if Ferrari is against it," adds the Austrian.

Only the exercise of Ferrari's veto could block this rule change, but the arrival of a new engine in F1 earlier than 2026 should convince Ferrari not to use it. So will we have the announcement of an agreement tonight? Mattia Binotto does not close any doors but it is clear that her priority is not the freeze for Red Bull …

"The motor question is one of the points of this great meeting," admits the director of the Scuderia.

“I don't know how long we'll discuss this. But I think before we discuss starting a gel, it's more important to start discussing 2026, the new technical format of the new power unit, where costs must be addressed, technology must be addressed. "

"I consider this a first priority and freezing is only the second priority."