Ferrari wins in 2019 annoy Horner and Wolff –

In 2019, Ferrari had monopolized the first row of the starting grid, and Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel had finished first and third in the race. In 2020, the two monopolized the seventh row and kept the 13th and 14th places at the finish, despite a retirement ahead of them.

Red Bull manager Christian Horner looks back on the 2019 season and admits some bitterness over Scuderia's results ahead of the notorious secret deal with the FIA, which is at the root of these difficulties.

"Obviously, we can draw our own conclusions from Ferrari's current performance. But in these races we should have won last year, if they had run with an engine that performed differently from what it was. were last year " Horner assures us, even though Mercedes would have taken advantage of two of Scuderia's three victories.

He goes on to acknowledge that Ferrari's situation is "Very difficult. But I think they focused on the bad things in previous years, and that's why they struggled with what was in that deal."

Ferrari had the best engine last year, but this year six of the last eight drivers in qualifying at Spa were equipped with a powertrain made in Maranello. Horner now judges him to be the worst engine on the field.

"There is Mercedes which is clearly the leader. Then I think Honda and Renault are rather close depending on the circuits and conditions. And then there is Ferrari, obviously, at the bottom of the standings."

Toto Wolff blames Ferrari for forcing the competition to upgrade an engine that was ultimately impossible to operate under the sporting regulations, and for pushing rivals to their limits for an abnormal reason.

"Ferrari is a legendary brand and great people are building these cars," Wolff adds.

"And it's hard to say because I don't want to put more fuel on the fire … but we really gave the maximum last year and the year before we suffered and we have lost employees, simply because they had reached the end of what they could handle. And that's why I would probably follow Christian's comment. "

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