Ferrari will need 'many years' to return to top –

Preferring to talk about "storm" instead of "crisis", Mattia Binotto is nevertheless aware that blue skies are not for tomorrow in Maranello. Ferrari just had a nightmarish weekend at Spa-Francorchamps, or Charles Leclerc and Sebastian vettel have never been able to play a place in the top 10. The Scuderia expects to suffer also next weekend at Monza, and it is not the absence of tifosi – behind closed doors – that would prevent another bad result of making mess.

Between the Italian engine's lack of performance and the growing difficulties encountered on the SF1000, especially in the use of rubber, the cup is full. For the radical change, however, it will be necessary to be patient, especially with the freezing of the frames which was decided between 2020 and 2021 due to the coronavirus crisis. We will have to work, round our backs and be patient for better days… "How long will it take? I believe that if you look at all the victorious cycles, it always takes many years", warns Mattia Binotto. "There is no silver bullet in F1. It takes patience and stability."

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Behind the speech of the director of the Italian team, there is the now barely veiled will to focus as much as possible on 2022, which will mark the regulatory turning point for F1 on a technical level. However, a structure like Ferrari cannot afford to have a series of disastrous weekends like that of the Belgian Grand Prix, even to prepare for a better tomorrow, and it is therefore a question of finding the right balance between maintenance, as much as possible , of a certain standing, and the fact of not missing the decisive turn of the following season.

"The engine is frozen this season so there is nothing we can do about it", recalls Binotto. "We are developing it for next season and it is progressing well on the test bench right now. Regarding the car, there are restrictions, so what is our plan? The main plan is to focus on the next seasons, not just 2021 but also 2022. To do well next season, we also have to try to understand what the weaknesses are today, in order to make sure to correct them. "

The performance loss of the Ferrari power unit has become a recurring theme amid the free fall in Scuderia results. Inevitably, the secret deal with the FIA ​​is on everyone's mind. In Maranello, we do not deny that the intervention of the international body affected the performance of the propellant unit, but we refuse to reduce everything to this single aspect. By losing power, this exacerbated weaknesses which, until now, were more concealed in the red car.

"What is happening is that we have a car that has lost power, as all engine manufacturers have lost.", Binotto justified last Sunday. "Us more than the others. Last year, the engine partially compensated for the limitations of the car, but this year, it is no longer the case. The limits of the single-seater are emerging. On this point, it is clear that we have to move forward. "

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