Ferrari wants to redesign rear of F1 for 2021 –

Simone Resta, in charge of the chassis department at Maranello, indicated that Ferrari is planning a major rearrangement of the rear axle on the single-seater for the 2021 season compared to this year's SF1000.

Since the start of the 2020 season, Ferrari has never hidden that the concept of the SF1000 was completely missed and therefore decided early on to look at the car for the next season.

As regulations have been partially frozen for 2021, the teams are limited in their development, particularly in the number of hours spent in the wind tunnel or the development of components such as suspensions, brakes, engine, etc.

However, there are some key areas where engineers can still take action through the use of tokens, and that's exactly what the engineers at Maranello are going to do, who will be totally redesigning the SF1000's rear end for next season.

“The aerodynamics are free, but with restrictions on the number of hours spent in the wind tunnel for aerodynamic development. " explains Simone Resta in an interview with Autosprint.

“Then there are also restrictions on the development of components related to the chassis, by which I mean the suspension, the brakes and everything related to the car except the external body. "

“It will be allowed to spend what we call two 'tokens' on chassis modifications. "

"That is, intervening in two critical areas of the car to improve it. For example if you are a team, with two chips, you might decide to make a new chassis because maybe you want to place the radiators differently, change the wheelbase and move the weights. "

"Or we could spend a development token on the brakes to make them new and another token on the nose doing it differently so that we can pass the new crash tests. "

When Autosprint clearly asks him in which area Ferrari will use its tokens for its 2021 car, Resta replies: “We are looking to redesign the rear of the car. "

"We are going to rethink this area because we believe there are more promising areas to develop in this area to increase the performance margin. "

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