Ferrari wants to appeal FIA ruling on Racing Point –

Definitely, the case concerning the legality of Racing Point RP20 is the saga of summer 2020. While the players in the paddock quietly led their little life in the bungalows, health bubble obliges, the Scuderia Ferrari lit a new fuse with a laconic message this Friday evening August 7.

“We can confirm that we are announcing our intention to appeal the decision of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) regarding Racing Point. "

The Italian team now has 96 hours to turn this intention into a formal appeal to the FIA. She's not the only one frowning; Renault did not appreciate the verdict of the authorities.

At a press conference a few hours earlier, Mattia Binotto, the Director of sports management of the Reds, had let perceive a certain annoyance at the opinion of the FIA, which penalized Racing Point by 15 points in the Manufacturers' Championship and by 400,000 euros in fines, without however declaring the illegal brake scoops.

“It has been clarified somewhere that there has been a rule violation. I think this is a starting point. Obviously, this concerns the brake scoops but it hides a concept, that of copying: are we allowed to copy a whole concept (single-seater)?

Regarding the brake scoops, there was a breach of the rules, it is a fact and it has been clarified (by the 14-page document from the FIA ​​this Friday morning. Editor's note). Now, is the sanction sufficient? I think these 14 pages have to be broken down. We have 24 hours to formulate, why not, an intention to appeal. Ferrari is going to be very conscientious about the understanding and the path to take. " This message, broadcast Friday evening, is clearer.

Update: The spark has already caught since Renault and McLaren have also indicated their intention to appeal. A decision hardly surprising given the comments made by Cyril Abiteboul and Zak Brown earlier today.

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