Ferrari to spend token on back of 2021 F1 –

Ferrari is focusing its efforts on improving the rear of its current car for 2021.

Normally, teams produce new cars for a new season – but in the midst of the pandemic, the FIA ​​is only allowing two development tokens for 2021 to keep costs down.

This decision was obviously particularly bad news for Ferrari, who are struggling to keep pace with the best this year. But the Scuderia supported this freeze during containment.

When asked who would decide what the Maranello team should focus on, designer Simone Resta replies: "The team. Us. The work of the designers."

“This is the work that I am doing now with my colleagues. We are deciding where to intervene to improve the current project. And we are heading towards the redesign of the rear of the car. We are going to redesign this area because we believe that there are more promising things to develop to increase the performance margin. "

So this is one out of every two to spend, the other token is not known at this time.

"It can be the suspension, the brakes, anything relating to the single-seater except the aerodynamics. We can also change the chassis to review the position of the radiators, the weight distribution. We will see, we have tests in progress with new pieces that will help us decide. "

One of the questions asked is whether Ferrari should simply abandon the 2020 car altogether and return to the base of the much more competitive 2019 one.

"Even though it was an evolution, the car is now quite different. You can't just put parts from one car to another, so you can't," answers Mattia Binotto, the director of the Scuderia.

The Italian has also responded to rumors of disagreements, even conflicts, with his designer. Without really denying …

"For now, it's important to stay focused. We need to put aside these outside rumors and focus only on our work – and on the developments to come."

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